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CO-Owner and Vice-President/ Chief Instructor/ Curriculum Director

1 Pineland Ave/Rte 20 @ Worcester/Shrewsbury line
Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (508) 767-0977

100 Grove St (in Northworks Bldg)
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About Alan D'Allessandro and Ken-Ryu Kenpo:

Alan D'Allessandro began training 1984 in the Villari organization in Worcester, MA.  After about a year and a half he met a young aggressive black belt named Theodore Bottom, Jr. (TJ) who studied Okinawan Karate.  They became close friends and Alan left the Villari organization in 1985 and started training with TJ.  He trained regularly but informally with TJ until 1987 earning black belt status prior to TJ leaving for the US Navy.  In 1991 Alan D'Allessandro rejoined the Villari organization and received a black belt in Shaolin Kempo-Karate in 1993.  During that time Alan was searching for more from the martial arts so he began competing on the KRANE circuit.  In 1995 he was introduced to sport karate favorite Rocky DiRico and began tournament training with him.  Alan left the Villari organization once again and in April of 1995 established New England Karate Academy, Inc. (NEKA) with business partner James Margosian.  Shortly after the opening of NEKA, Alan quickly realized the sport karate training was not the martial arts avenue he wanted to pursue so Rocky introduced him to Professor Nick Cerio in 1996.  After a long interview process, Professor Cerio took on Alan as a private student.

From 1996 until the passing of Professor Cerio in October of 1998, the professor was the sole reason and driving force behind Alan in the development of his own system.  On the very first day of training with Professor Cerio and showing him all of the self-defense material he had obtained in his years of training he said this quote to him; "now go back to your dojo and make sure everything you are teaching will work and if not, fix".  From that day, everything Alan did in regards to minor and major changes and additions to the material he taught was viewed and evaluated by Professor Cerio before introducing it to any of his students.  Along with this avenue of training, Professor Cerio taught Alan material that spanned several systems for the purpose of understanding the differences between systems and styles.  These systems and styles included Nick Cerio's Kenpo, Shotokan, Sil-Lum Kung Fu, Kyokushin Kai, Kajukenbo, Judo, Okinawan and Japanese Weapons.  In 1997, Professor Cerio promoted Alan to 3rd degree black belt in American Kenpo.  Professor Cerio used American Kenpo as a general title for students he promoted that obtained substantial Kenpo knowledge without earning Nick Cerio's Kenpo certification.

Alan D'Allessandro continued the development of his system and was accepted as a private student of Shihan Don Rodrigues in November of 1998, a student of Professor Nick Cerio for more than 32 years.  With the continued guidance of Shihan Rodrigues, the system was essentially completed in 2000 and labeled "Ken-Ryu Kenpo" meaning "versatile system of fist law".  The meaning of the system is very appropriate due to the material content of varying Kenpo styles.  Shihan Don Rodrigues expanded the Kenpo knowledge of Alan by teaching him much of his Oki-Ryu Kenpo, in which Alan is a certified 6th degree black belt, and Ed Parker's American Kenpo-Karate.  Shihan Alan D'Allessandro (the title of Shihan was awarded to him by Shihan Don Rodrigues in February of 2003) has over 80 empty hand and weapons forms and around 200 self-defense techniques.  He obviously does not teach this in his system; it just shows the knowledge that he has obtained from his great legendary teachers.

Ken-Ryu Kenpo is a development of the original material Shihan D'Allessandro was taught with both minor and major changes, and additions of his own material.  Under black belt forms include Pinions 1 through 5, Kata's 1 through 5, and the Statue of the Crane.  Under black belt Combinations 1 through 21, 24, and 26 (many of them with major changes), 18 Kenpo and Animal Techniques (Shihan D'Allessandro's material), 18 Grabs Defenses, 9 Club, 6 Knife, and 6 Gun Defensive Techniques (also Shihan D'Allessandro's material).  Black belt empty hand forms include 6-Kata and the 2-Man Fist Set from the original system and a series of animal forms indigenous to Ken-Ryu Kenpo.  These forms are The Way of the Tiger, The Way of the Leopard, The Way of the Snake, The Way of the Crane, The Way of the Dragon, Northern Animal Form, and Southern Animal Form.  The black belts complete Combinations 1 through 30, 13A, 13B, and 30A, Multi-Attack Combinations 1 through 6, and Ground Defensive Techniques.  Weapons forms and defensive techniques are taught using the Bo, Sai, Kama, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Japanese Sword, and Escrima.  Shihan D'Allessandro also teaches a multitude of forms and material from other systems to his black belts for the same purpose that Professor Cerio and Shihan Rodrigues did for him, to enlighten them on the different styles and systems and to educate them in the martial arts.  Also, let it be known that some material changes and additions come from Shihan D'Allessandro's black belt students and are inserted into the system.  Some examples are The Way of the Crane developed by Sensei Chuck Tarr, The Way of the Leopard developed by Sensei Alan D'Allessandro, Jr., and Ken-Ryu Kama Form 2 developed by Sensei April D'Allessandro. Also, Kevin Dixon developed Ken-Ryu Kenpo Form 1, which has now been inserted into the system curriculum.

Ken-Ryu Kenpo is nationally and internationally recognized and accepted as a valid martial arts system by organizations such as the World Martial Arts Federation, Inc. (WMAF), BUDO International Magazine, Action Martial Arts Magazine, International Black Belt, and World Karate Union, all of which Shihan D'Allessandro is a Hall of Fame member.

Additional training Shihan D'Allessandro has is in the Grappling Arts.  Paul Lombardi, a long time student of Shihan D'Allessandro and 3rd degree black belt in Ken-Ryu Kenpo and Wo' Zhu' Ken-Ryu Kenpo has been training in MMA for several years and cross-trains Shihan D'Allessandro in SGS MMA; a system developed by Paul Lombardi.  New England Karate Academy now offers SGS MMA and Hybrid Fighting at the Worcester studio.


  • Creator/Founder "Ken-Ryu" Kenpo
  • Holds 8th Degree Black Belts in Ken-Ryu Kenpo and Oki-Ryu Kenpo Karate
  • Holds the title of Kyoshi (Professor)
  • Appointed to the American Kenpo International (AKI) Board of Grandmasters Council on October 4, 2014
  • Developed entire training and ranking curriculum for NEKA
  • Published Author of 2 Paperback Books: Self-Defense for Men, Women and Children and Growing Out of Fear
  • Published Author of 4 ebooks: Self-Defense for Men, Women and Children / Volume 1 - Beginner, Volume 2 - Intermediate 1Volume 3 - Intermediate 2, and Volume 4 - Advanced
  • Trainer and Coach to numerous State, National, and World Sport Karate Champions
  • Tournament Promoter 2005-2012 of the Central New England Karate Championships sanctioned by KRANE, NASKA, and WAKO-USA
  • Massachuestts State Director for WAKO-USA A DIVISION ON KICK INTERNATIONAL
  • KRANE, NASKA, PSKL, and WAKO Certified Center Official
  • 2007 Inductee Ego Sports HALL OF FAME
  • 2006 Inductee World Karate Union HALL OF FAME "MASTER OF THE YEAR - KEN-RYU KENPO"
  • 2006 Inductee Action Martial Arts Magazine HALL OF FAME "CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE MARTIAL ARTS"
  • 2005 Inductee BUDO International HALL OF FAME "MASTER OF THE YEAR - SELF-DEFENSE"
  • 2004 Inductee World Martial Arts Federation HALL OF FAME "KEN-RYU KENPO INSTRUCTOR OF THE YEAR"
  • 2004 Inductee Ocean State Grand National Karate Championship's HALL OF FAME
  • 2000 Inductee KATV HALL OF FAME
  • Director of NEKA's Self-Defense Seminars
  • Master Instructor and Director of NEKA's Aerobic Kick-Boxing Program and Certification
  • Master Instructor of AERO CORE FITNESS -Aerobic Kickboxing & Core Training

Pictured above: Shihan Alan D'Allessandro



Kyoshi D'Allessandro is available to train and certify all 1st through 7th degree black belts who are either looking to expand their knowledge or are not currently training with an instructor and who are looking to move up in rank. You can earn rank in "KEN-RYU KENPO" or in "AMERICAN KENPO" by taking private lessons with Kyoshi D'Allessandro.  Group classes are also available at New England Karate Academy.

The material covered in each of these programs span five Kenpo systems, as well as several other martial arts styles.

Increase your skill and knowledge of Kenpo and the Martial Arts.


  • Rhode Island Convention Center - Ocean State Grand Nationals, Providence, RI
  • Mohegan Sun Casino - Mohegan Sun Nationals, Uncasville, CT
  • Six Flags New England - MAC Live TV, Agawam, MA
  • Foxwoods Resort Casino - Foxwoods Nationals, Ledyard, CT
  • Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Seminars and Banquet - Tropicana Casino and Resort, Atlantic City, NJ


  • Self-Defense: Empty Hand and Weapons
  • Forms: Empty Hand and Weapons from numerous styles (Traditional and Competition)
  • Weapons training: Bo, Kama, Sai, Japanese Sword, Nunchacku, Escrima Sticks, and Tonfa
  • Fighting: Semi-Contact (Point), Continuous, and Street


  • American Open Sword System: Learn how to Hold, Draw and Return the Sword, Striking and Training Techniques, Traditional Style Form, Partner Sets.
  • Competition Self-Defense: Learn how to organize a winning self-defense routine for competition.
  • Basic Self-Defense Tactics: For Groups and Organizations looking to Empower their Employees on Self-Defense Techniques and Principles.

Email: Alan D'Allessandro for more information


1-5 Pinion, 1-6 Kata, Statue of the Crane, 2-Man Fist Set, The Way of the Tiger, The Way of the Leopard, The Way of the Crane, The Way of the Snake, The Way of the Dragon, Northern Animal Form, Southern Animal Form, Ken-Ryu Kicking Sets 1-3, EP Kicking Set, Kanku Dai, Judo Kata, Circle of the Tiger, Oki-Ryu 1-Kata, Oki Kata, Lin Wan Kune, EP Short Form 1, EP Long Form 1, EP Coordination Set, EP Short Form 2, EP Striking Set, Competition Forms


Ken-Ryu Bo Combination Form, Ken-Ryu Bo Forms 1-3, Competition Bo Form, Oki-Ryu Bo Blocking Forms 1 & 2, Oki-Ryu Bo Striking Forms 1 & 2, Oki-Ryu 2-Man Bo Set, Oki-Ryu Bo Form 1, Shushi No Kon Sho, Shuji No Kon Sho, Kubo No Kun, 25-Okinawan Bo Basics, Ken-Ryu Sai Blocking Form, Ken-Ryu Striking Form, Ken-Ryu Sai Form 1, NCK Sai Form 1, NCK Crane Sai, NCK 5-Kata Sai, Matza Higa No Sai, Judo Sai, Ken-Ryu Kama Blocking Forms 1 &2, Ken-Ryu Kama Striking Forms 1 & 2, Ken-Ryu 2-Man Kama Set, Ken-Ryu Kama Combination Forms A & B, Ken-Ryu Kama Forms 1 & 2, Shuto Kama, Oki Kama, Judo Kama, Kane Gawa Ni Cho Gama, Ken-Ryu Tonfa Blocking Forms 1 & 2, Ken-Ryu Striking Forms 1 & 2, Ken-Ryu 2-Man Tonfa Set, Ken-Ryu Tonfa Combination Forms A & B, Ken-Ryu Tonfa Form 1,  Ken-Ryu Escrima Form 1, Ken-Ryu Nunchaku Forms 1-3, Oki-Ryu Nunchaku Form 1, Short Sword 1 through 10 (Forms), Long Sword 1 through 10 (Forms), Katana Form 1, Katana Form 2, Katana Form 2

Pictured at Top: SKGM George Pesare, Shihan Alan D'Allessandro, GM Don Rodrigues, & Shihan Christine Bannon Rodrigues. Middle Left: Action Film Star Cynthia Rothrock & Shihan D'Allessandro. Middle Right: Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Sensei April D'Allessandro, & Shihan D'Allessandro. Bottom Left: Shihan D'Allessandro & BUDO Magazine's Alfredo Tucci. Bottom Right: Shihan D'Allessandro & Worcester's Mayor Tim Murray